Zippyweb: Fun stuff for Corgi fans

Fun stuff for Corgi fans


Zippy, AKA by the AKC as Caleb’s First Event, is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Portrait of Zippy the Corgi

Zippy is also a longtime citizen of the internet, and here at Zippyweb, you can watch Corgi videos, learn about Corgis and grab some Corgi wallpaper.

Check out Zippy's jigsaw puzzles or play a game to test your memory. You can even put some clothes on a Zippy paper doll!

There’s also a coloring book, and Zippy just might be the only Corgi in the world that plays the drums and makes pie.

He’s retired now, but Zippy has been blogging for many years. There’s lots of adventures to explore in his journal.


Speaking of dressing up, Zippy has won prizes for his Halloween costume.

Zippy the Corgi wears a school bus Halloween costume, looking very unhappy.

You can see how happy he is.


See more pictures of Zippy in his scrapbook (including adorable puppy pictures!), and you can also spend an entire day with Zippy. He stars in his own cartoon too!


There’s lots to see and do here! Have a look around, and check out messages from hundreds of people from around the world who have written to Zippy.

Zippy’s Journal

Check out Zippy’s blog. Browse through years of Zippy adventures!

Corgi merchandise from Zippyweb