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Spy Cam

Dog surveillance gallery

We don’t keep a webcam going all the time, but sometimes we turn on a cam to see what the dogs do when we’re not in the room. Here's a selection of surveillance shots.

Zippy all alone surrounded by toys: Toys are so much more fun when someone plays with you. Zippy and Daisy eagerly await whatever is on the kitchen counter: What's that? Is that pizza? Is that pizza? Is that pizza? Is that pizza? Is that pizza? Two very sleepy-looking dogs: We don't want to be awake. Please don't make us be awake. Zippy lying on his back, legs wide: Just airing out. Honest. Extreme closeup of Zippy: Zippy discovers the camera Extreme closeup of Zippy's rear: Nice pants. Extreme closeup of Daisy: Daisy discovers the camera A tired but happy-looking Zippy: Recovering from ball playing An alarmed Daisy looks up: What was that? A few minutes later, Daisy goes back to sleep: Nothing, apparently.


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