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Sutter the Corgi is now officially First Dog of California! Cute video at that link, as the First Lady describes Corgis quite accurately. Here’s some more pictures.

posted by Zippy 02/16/2011 11:33 AM ^^


Jerry Brown, Anne Gust and Sutter, a Corgi

Look! The Governor of California is walking a Corgi!

posted by Zippy 01/06/2011 10:53 AM ^^


I realized I should add some more entries to The Zippy Dictionary.

A secondary canine that is allowed to share my space. She is harmless. When it is presumed that no one is looking, it is permissible to lick her ears. She is also useful on cold nights as a heating pad.
“Can I have a kiss?”:
An invitation to ram a cold nose into the requester's eye socket.
Water-based removal of all the great scents picked up by joyous rolling.
UPS truck:
Purpose unclear, but creates uncontrollable urge to spread news of its presence to all neighborhood dogs.

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Oh, hey, Happy Holidays! I understand there can be a problem with that inclusive greeting, so let me also wish you a Merry Christmas! And if you celebrate something other than Christmas, please allow me to wish you Season’s Greetings!

Man, I hope that covers it. I liked it better when you could just pass along a cheerful greeting and nobody would try to turn it into a problem. It’s not exclusive to the holidays, though. I remember once I licked a guy on the leg in my happy Corgi cuteness, and you would have thought I plutonium on my tongue.

Anyway, it might be a good time to trot our our holiday card!

And my “sniffing the presents” video!

posted by Zippy 12/13/2010 11:58 AM^^


From YouTube: There is no love affair quite so passionate as the one between a Corgi and his food.

I must say, this is making me hungry.

posted by Zippy 05/07/2010 11:35 AM^^


From YouTube: Chloe plays with a $500 dog toy!

No biting!

posted by Zippy 04/15/2010 10:15 AM^^


Cool story! Check out this crime-fighting Corgi! Butch Cassidy scares a thief into dropping his cell phone, and the suspect has now been found. Good dog!

posted by Zippy 04/09/2010 10:39 AM ^^


One of the Queen’s cars is up for sale. If you watch the video all the way to the end, you will find that it comes with Corgi hair embedded into the carpeting. At no additional charge!

posted by Zippy 04/05/2010 1:21 PM ^^


Our favoritest thing in the world is here! Egg nog!

posted by Zippy 12/15/2009 12:11 PM ^^


We had a bunch of snow! We aren’t big fans of snow, and it turns out we aren’t the only ones. Our trees don’t like it either, and several of them protested in a very big way. Here is one:

Driveway hidden under fallen tree, crunched gate

That is a driveway. Somewhere. Under there. On the other side of that tree...yeah, there’s more just like it. This is why our folks keep Tree Guy on speed dial.

posted by Zippy 12/09/2009 1:58 PM ^^


My folks have noticed a few blog postings elsewhere that get all preachy about how you shouldn’t give people food to dogs, and how Thanksgiving is coming up, so be extra safe and don’t do anything fun ever, and people must be running out of things to blog about, otherwise this wouldn’t be popping up everywhere. Am I ranting? Oh, sorry.

As much as I would like an entire turkey dinner — or an entire turkey — to myself, small bits of lean white meat are fine. We can have some peas. A nibble of roll, okay. Watch the salt, watch the fat, watch the amount, you guys know this, right? Common sense and all? Then I really am thankful!

So, you know that look we get when we’re sitting at your feet next to the table and we’re staring at you all wide-eyed and drooly and we don’t take our eyes off of you for a second? Yep, you’ll be seeing that on Thanksgiving.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m giving you that look right now.

posted by Zippy 10/20/2009 12:36 PM ^^


Here is a proposal to make pet care tax deductible. We like this!

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We have been on vacation, although somewhat close to home. We have realized that People like vacation much more than we do. For us, vacation means being on our Folks' schedule all the time, instead of having the house to ourselves and doing what we like without fear of repercussion. Like digging.

However, the likelihood of snacks increase significantly when one is always in close proximity to a human who also likes snacks. Everyone seems to gain weight on vacation.

posted by Zippy 10/12/2009 10:14 AM ^^


Is the queen giving up on Corgis? Reader Charles tips us off to this story.

posted by Zippy 6/15/2009 6:14 PM ^^


Here are some visitors we had yesterday:

Turkeys in the yard

We call them Puffy and His Groupies.

Is it Thanksgiving yet?

posted by Zippy 6/07/2009 12:40 PM ^^


Sometimes a search for “Zippy Corgi” gives results that I wasn’t expecting, but looks quite fun: Zippy’s Vintage Toys sells Corgi collectibles.

posted by Zippy 6/03/2009 9:36 AM ^^


We have bees! Real bees! Honest-to-goodness honeybees! Living in our house! Not on purpose, though. They kind of invited themselves into an outside wall. I like honey. My folks do not seem to be as nearly as excited as I am. At first, they thought we were being swarmed by yellowjackets, and they locked up the dog door so we wouldn’t get stung. There were hundreds of them for a while! Then they realized they were bees. A nice man will come to collect them and will take them to a place where they can make tasty, yummy honey and meet new bee friends.

Bees in the wall

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How much Corgi cuteness can you stand? Let’s go visit Bruno.

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It is getting to be about the time of year when my folks start thinking about camping. However, this article and slideshow about a cross-country road trip seems to be giving them a more ambitious idea.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Reminder to your folks: Heartworm checkups and treatment are important for a happy dog heart.

Valentine heart candies

(Thanks to the cheery folks at for the candy image.)

posted by Zippy 2/11/2009 2:45 PM ^^


Here is a sheep-herding game [requires Java] that just might make you appreciate the innate herding abilities of Corgis and other herding dogs. Not so easy, is it?

(Try to herd the sheep into one of the ring. You control the dogs with your mouse, but don’t click until you are ready to move up to the next level.)

posted by Zippy 2/2/2009 2:03 PM ^^


My folks were trying to take a picture of me.

Daisy walks in front of the camera

But mostly, they got Daisy, being a scene-stealer.

posted by Zippy 12/21/2008 6:33 PM ^^


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