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Happy Golden Jubilee to the Queen. I love the Queen because she loves corgis. The corgi connection has caused the BBC to link to me!

posted by Zippy 5/31/2002 10:01:17 AM ^^


I think I shall have a pillow fight. This does not mean what you think it means.

It means I will pick a fight with the pillows on the sofa.

First I will growl and grumble at them, just to annoy them.

Then I will bury my nose under them, and flip them onto the floor. Take that, you silly pillows!

Then I will stand back and laugh, ha ha! Now let’s just see you try to get back up onto the sofa! Ha!

Victory is mine!

posted by Zippy 5/29/2002 07:25:31 PM ^^


I love strawberries. I don’t think I’m supposed to, but I do. I hope other dogs don’t find out about this, not because they’ll think I’m weird, but because they might begin liking strawberries too, and then there would be fewer strawberries for me. I live in fear that someday I will run out of snacks. That is why I eat as many as possible at any given opportunity.

posted by Zippy 5/23/2002 07:35:44 PM ^^


The strangest thing happened at the park today. Daisy and I came upon a pigeon sitting on the ground. We charged at it, and it did not fly away! It just sat there and looked at us. We were shocked.

We charged at it again, and it did not move. We barked, we jumped, we almost did backflips, but the pigeon did not respond. It did not appear to be injured or ill, just determined not to budge.

This is not The Way Things Are Supposed To Be. When we charge at a bird, it is supposed to move. We don’t bite or attack the bird, because we don’t want the bird to be hurt or eaten, we just want it to fly away, as we assert our mighty Dog Power.

Finally, we whined a little, then went off to harrass the squirrels. Squirrels always run when we charge at them. Squirrels know how to play the game.

Then the pigeon flew away.

posted by Zippy 5/17/2002 08:48:30 AM ^^


No, I did not get a job in Japan.

posted by Zippy 5/10/2002 01:41:38 PM ^^


Here’s how we talk to our folks:

Daisy: I would like a pat on the head, please.
Zippy: No, pet me!
Daisy: Pet me, please.
Zippy: Okay, it’s my turn.
Daisy: Can I be next, please?
Zippy: Pet me! Pet me!
Daisy: Oh, I really would like to be petted some more, please.
Zippy: Me! Me! Pet me!
Daisy: I would like a pat on the head, please.
Zippy: Snacks! Treats! Cookies!

This could go on for hours.

posted by Zippy 5/8/2002 07:10:15 PM ^^


I have just done a wonderful job of helping to clear the kitchen of leftovers. Half a zucchini, sautéed in olive oil with a little minced garlic. Divine. Happy to help.

posted by Zippy 5/2/2002 04:46:26 PM ^^


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