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We went to a big park today, with lots of trails, cool grass and a river in which to swim. There were also lots of hills so that Daisy could play Jeep.

It got hot quick, so we came home pretty early, but my folks made up for that with Chinese food.

Zippy with his head in a takeout container

Chinese food makes even a good day better.

posted by Zippy 08/28/2004 3:20 PM ^^


Daisy has had a rough few days. She had to have three teeth extracted!

When she came home from the vet, she was still very much under the influence. My folks had to carry her. Daisy doesn’t like to be carried, but she was in no position to argue.

Later, when her buzz wore off, she just seemed very puzzled. I was a little jealous when she got to eat canned food. (My folks gave me a little taste every time they fed her.)

She is much better now, and back to her normal self. I guess that means the canned food will go away soon.

posted by Zippy 08/24/2004 4:32 PM ^^


It is summer, and being summer, it is hot. I am one with the floor vent.

Every once in a while, my folks will slide me off of the floor vent, telling me that if I lie on top of it, I am blocking the air conditioning from everyone else in the room. I wake up long enough to blink at this thought, then return to my position of coolness. Get your own floor vent. Look, there is one right over there.

Since it is so hot, it is hard to get enough exercise comfortably. So today we piled into the car and drove to the mountains for a good wearing-out. It is cool in the mountains, and we are expected to walk, walk, walk. So we do. And that wearing-out thing appears to have worked. Now that we have returned home, no one has had the energy to come over here and slide me off the floor vent.

posted by Zippy 08/17/2004 3:34 PM ^^


We went swimming at the river this morning. I do not actually swim—not even dog-paddle—I just like to get my undercarriage wet. Daisy is a much more active water dog.

We also walked along the nice park there. We walked on the sidewalk. We walked on the grass. We walked on the beach.

We sniffed bushes, trees, rocks, pine cones, benches, other dogs and total strangers.

This is why we enjoy being dogs. We feel fulfilled now. We could ask for nothing more.

Except treats. We can always ask for more treats. And maybe a pat on the head. And a scritch under the neck. And ball. Can we play ball?

Hey, where are those treats?

posted by Zippy 08/06/2004 11:04 AM ^^


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