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It is pizza night! I love pizza.

I’d write more,’s pizza night.

posted by Zippy 12/31/2004 6:24 PM ^^


It has been raining all day, and our folks had been waiting for it to let up enough so we could go outside.

Finally, they gave up and took us out in the rain. Under the umbrella, they weren't really paying attention to what we were doing, and Daisy wandered off and got tangled in the poison oak vines.

After our folks stopped saying Bad Words, Daisy got a bath.

posted by Zippy 12/28/2004 3:08 PM ^^


I was right—we got fancy dog treats for Christmas. They were yummy, and we even asked for our regular food to be served with an egg nog gravy, so we have overeaten a bit.

We are happy.

Then we got extra exercise to help burn it off, which also makes us happy.

Next up, a leisurely nap.

posted by Zippy 12/25/2004 3:10 PM ^^


I think Christmas is coming! There are exciting scents in the air, which means dog-cookie presents for us, I bet!

I wish I could reach the top of the refrigerator to test my theory.

posted by Zippy 12/23/2004 4:44 PM ^^


Some cows have mooved into our neighborhood.

Our folks walked us down to their field so we could look at them, but they had wandered off by the time we got there. We had all good intentions of meeting our new neighbors, but they were aloof, or maybe they went off to create cheese or something, so we had no one to bark at.

Maybe later. Maybe they will bring us cheese.

posted by Zippy 12/19/2004 3:36 PM ^^


Last night, as my folks were setting up dinner, a hot Brussels sprout fell on the floor. I swooped in and snapped it up. Leaf by leaf—it was too hot to gobble it down all at once—I peeled myself a delectible little appetizer.

Brussels sprouts are not normally on my most-wanted-snack list, but I always take advantage of new opportunities that present themselves to me. Plus, a treat sneaked on the sly is always tastier.

posted by Zippy 12/16/2004 3:48 PM ^^


An early-morning walk in the snow. It is icy, and it feels like the snow is biting our feet.

Zippy the Corgi and Daisy the Corgi-cross take a walk in the snow

Daisy leads the way, tail held like a flag.

posted by Zippy 12/14/2004 1:16 PM ^^


Oh, gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, do you know what we just had? Egg nog! We love egg nog! Egg nog is The Best Thing in the World!

Except maybe for turkey. Turkey is also The Best Thing in the World.

And pizza. Egg nog, turkey and pizza. Yeah.

And waffles. And Chinese food. And spaghetti. And that canned food we get once in a while. And those frozen baby-food-and-yogurt treats we get in the summer.

Those are all The Best Thing in the World.

And egg nog! Did I mention egg nog?

posted by Zippy 12/11/2004 11:24 AM ^^


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