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I got a big envelope in the mail today. Some stock brokerage firm sent me an application packet. Yes, they sent it directly to me, not to any People at this address.

When I get these, my folks seem to get a charge out of filling out the forms and sending them back, listing my occupation as “Canine.” We never hear from them again.

posted by Zippy 7/19/2002 12:24:45 PM ^^


It’s been very hot, so I’ve been staying inside. I like to lie on my back, and lean my feet against the wall. It is both cool and relaxing.

I even sleep in this position, and sometimes I have those running dreams, and my feet make scratching noises against the wall. This usually results in my folks being awakened, then they come find me, move me off the wall, and arrange me into what they think is a more appropriate sleeping position. They call me Wally Wallwalker. A few minutes later I will arrange myself back to the comfortable wall walking position.

Since it’s so hot, we went to the creek yesterday because Daisy likes to swim. (I do not. It reminds me too much of a B-A-T-H.) When Daisy swims, she swishes her tail like an alligator. My folks call her Wally Gator.

I don’t know how we both got to be Wally.

posted by Zippy 7/12/2002 05:31:44 AM ^^


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