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A Day in the Life

How Zippy spends his day

Zippy the Corgi looking at front door
6 am. Newspaper arrives. Zippy awakens to the sound of the paper carrier’s truck and barks furiously to protect his home. It does no good. The carrier returns every morning.

Zippy the Corgi going for a walk
7 am. Breakfast (oh boy, oh boy, oh boy) and a walk. Zippy usually greets a neighbor or two.

Zippy the Corgi nosing food bin
8 am. Upon returning from his walk, Zippy lies to his folks and tells them they forgot to give him breakfast. It works on days Zippy’s folks are incredibly out of it.

Zippy the Corgi snoozing
9 am. Kitchen snooze.

Zippy the Corgi rolling Buster Cube
10 am. Roll the Buster Cube around.

Zippy the Corgi at Petco
11 am. Sometimes Zippy gets to R-I-D-E in the C-A-R and go to the local pet supply store, where he gets goodies and leaves big drool marks on the floor.

Zippy the Corgi with mail
Noon. Mail collection. Zippy gets magazines, disks for internet services and credit card offers all personally addressed to him. Someone tried to sell him a postage meter once, but he didn’t order it because he likes to lick stamps.

Zippy the Corgi snoozing again
1 pm. Yard snooze.

Zippy the Corgi with Hedgie
2 pm. Toy inspection.

Zippy the Corgi lying in sun
3 pm. Zippy likes to sunbathe at the hottest time of the day. He bakes until he is panting, then returns to the house.

Zippy the Corgi waiting on food
4 pm. Dinner anticipation.

Zippy the Corgi with plate
5 pm. Dinner, consisting of his kibble and whatever good things can be licked off his folks' plates.

Zippy the Corgi frapping
6 pm. Frapping in the yard. This is a high-speed dash and game of tag. Also known as the Corgi Zooms, it helps Zippy burn off energy.

Zippy the Corgi checks bags in car
7 pm. If his folks have gone to the grocery store, Zippy likes to inspect the goods to see if they meet with his approval. They always do. He also likes to check for spillage.

Zippy the Corgi at tree
8 pm. Zippy visits the front yard tree to water it, then gets a chewie to brush his teeth.

Zippy the Corgi and TV
9 pm. TV time.

Zippy the Corgi lying on bed
10 pm. Off to bed.

Zippy the Corgi going into crate
11 pm. Zippy decides to relocate to his crate.

Zippy the Corgi asleep in crate
Midnight. Sleeping.

Zippy the Corgi awakens in crate
1 am. Listening for kitties in the yard and other evils.

Zippy the Corgi and Daisy wandering
2 am. House patrol. (That’s Daisy with the tail.)

Zippy the Corgi tucked in bed
3 am. Return to the bed.

Zippy the Corgi sleeping
4 am. Sleeping and dreaming.

Zippy the Corgi still sleeping
5 am. Sleeping, and usually kicking at least one of his folks in the kidneys.

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