Zippyweb: Fun stuff for Corgi fans


Meet Zippy

Corgi puppy chewing plants in a flower garden
Zippy came to live with us when he was just a baby.

Rear view of Corgi puppy
He was just as cute from the rear.

Extreme close-up of Corgi puppy face
Hello, gorgeous.

Corgi puppy with puzzled expression
Here's Zippy trying to figure us out.


Zippy has won prizes for his Halloween costume.

Zippy the Corgi wears a school bus Halloween costume, looking very unhappy.

You can see how happy he is.

Zippy the Corgi with his toy bus

Zippy also has a toy school bus. It used to make engine sounds, but he chomped it really hard. Now it just rattles.

Zippy the Corgi on the patio with a book

Zippy has many interests. Here, the young bibliophile takes a break from his literary endeavors.


Zippy enjoys Lake Tahoe.

Zippy the Corgi takes a sip out of Lake Tahoe

Zippy the Corgi in fall leaves at Tahoe

Zippy the Corgi silhouetted on the shore


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