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We have gone through a couple of sets of batteries on our BowLingual Dog Translator.

It tends to report that I am frustrated when I sit in front of my folks and bark directly at them. While this is essentially true, I do not believe it goes far enough in reporting what I am really attempting to communicate.

“Frustrated” can actually mean anything from “I need you to throw the ball” to “You know that spot on my belly that makes my leg jump? I would like you to scratch that spot” to “I know there’s more pumpkin pie in the refrigerator, I can help you get rid of that.”

It’s a good thing I have this journal to express myself. I sure hope my folks read it.

posted by Zippy 11/29/2003 1:58 PM ^^


We went to the Corgi Faire today. Corgis and their owners get together and play silly games. In one game, we were placed in little pens and timed to see who could eat the most cookies in thirty seconds.

Zippy plays an eating game

I did not win. I did not care. I got to eat cookies.

A significant number of the games involve some sort of food or treats. It pleases me to no end that the people who put on the Corgi Faire understand the fundamental entertainment needs of your typical Corgi.

posted by Zippy 11/16/2003 5:45 PM ^^


My folks have bought a BowLingual Dog Translator.

It analyzes barks and reports to humans in terms they can understand. So far it has informed them that I am ‘on guard’ when they leave the house and that when we play, they can’t keep up with me.

I notice that while they do seem amused by the device, they are not taking any of this too seriously.

I will report back with more on this later.

posted by Zippy 11/01/2003 10:38 AM ^^


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