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I just noticed that Daisy observes the “5-second rule.” That’s where food that falls to the floor is considered safe to eat, if retrieved within five seconds.

She seems to be very strict about this. If something has been on the floor for longer than five seconds, she won’t touch it. I do not consider this to be a problem, as it has the potential to significantly increase my intake.

Over the years, both Daisy and I have developed the dinnertime ritual of taking kibble out of the bowl, and setting it on the floor before ingesting it. My folks wonder if we think our bowls don’t smell good, but it’s really just for sorting and airing purposes. Plus, licking the floor adds a little bit of seasoning.

But Daisy always seems to miss a few that she places on the floor, and upon discovering them later, will give them no more than a passing sniff.

I see this as proof she is only part Corgi. To a real Corgi, if it is edible, has ever been edible, or can be edible, it will be eaten. Unless it’s lettuce.

posted by Zippy 02/05/2008 11:56 AM ^^


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