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My folks told me something that is causing me grave concern.

They said that while shopping the other day, they found cute little Hawaiian shirts for dogs. They had little flower leis pre-attached, and they came in Welsh Corgi size.

I haven’t been able to get this out of my mind. I am beside myself with worry.

I have tried to rationalize away my fear by telling myself that if my folks were really considering getting one for me, they would have done so by now. It consoles me momentarily, but I realize that the next time they leave the house, they could very well be on their way to purchase one. Or more!

Oh, I can’t imagine they would actually do that. Surely they understand my deep aversion to dog costumes.

I am also comforted somewhat by the fact that my folks seem to enjoy having all of their fingers.

posted by Zippy 08/30/2003 2:18 PM ^^


Oh, hello. We took a few days off, so I guess I can use this opportunity to do some catching up. Here’s what we did since last I wrote:

Daisy had her birthday party. (Anniversary-of-coming-to-live-with-us party, actually, since we really don’t know when she was born.) We had little teeny cupcakes, one for each of us, frosting and all. They were quite gooshy, and we looked like we were auditioning for a ‘Got Milk?’ commercial as we were eating them. And we didn’t even throw up until hours later. It was a fun day.

We have visited many parks and beaches. Today while at the park, I encountered a lady who was carrying a plate of cookies for a bake sale or something, and I fell immediately in love with her and shadowed her until a) I reached the end of my leash, and, b) my folks finally paid attention to what I was doing and got embarrassed. I did not get embarrassed. I just got disappointed, because I did not get any of the cookies.

posted by Zippy 08/15/2003 11:43 AM ^^


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