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Do we look tired?

Zippy and Daisy are tired.

We must be tired. We are camping. That means walks.

Oh, we do get to rest now and then.

Daisy rests.

And look at nice scenery while we are doing it.

A bird tries to steal food.

These noisy Steller’s Jays tried to steal our food. Here is one thinking very hard about those grapes. They were quite conversational while they were at it, so it was easy to do a good job of keeping them at bay. I don’t know if we did a good job of keeping bears at bay, because the Ranger told our folks that one came right by our campsite while we were not paying attention. I am not sure whether to be embarrassed about that or just happy.

posted by Zippy 05/28/2004 6:14 PM ^^


We have been visiting one park or another almost every day.

At the park with the duck pond, we chased ducks and squirrels. Normal sized squirrels, not the almost-big-as-me ones we have at home. Although the ducks were kind of mean, and seemed more than happy to chase us back.

Then we went to the walk-our-little-legs-off park.

Today, we watched little kids play some variant of baseball.

Now we are packing for camping. I hope my folks remember to bring lots of towels, because Daisy likes to swim. Then she likes to sleep against me, and I don’t like it when she’s damp.

Daisy likes camping much more than I do. I’m glad it makes her happy, but I would like to go on the kind of vacation where people bring you food and then give you a massage.

posted by Zippy 05/21/2004 5:55 AM ^^


It is May.

It is a lovely day.

Daisy and Zippy hang out in the yard

Later, we will go and play.

When we're done, we’ll hit the hay.

posted by Zippy 05/08/2004 11:07 AM ^^


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