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The mailman brought me an offer I can’t refuse! “Dear Zippy,” it says, “you can have it all!”

Wow. How did they know I want it all? I do! I do!

It looks like I will have to attend a seminar. I hope my chauffeur will be able to take me. I hope the vending machine they appear to want to sell me will fit in the car. I hope I will not eat all my inventory.

I don’t think I will be able to go. My chauffeur is laughing too hard to drive.

posted by Zippy 01/28/2003 03:49 PM ^^


I have decided to add one more picture to the Dog Undercarriage Gallery. This time it is me—the amazing six-legged Zippy!

A multiple dog undercarriage

posted by Zippy 01/12/2003 04:20 PM ^^


Look! It’s Dog Undercarriage Cam!

Bottom half of a dog

We’ve got more Dog Undercarriage than any other place on the Net!

Bottom half of a dog

Our folks insist on putting spy cams on the floor. We’re short, but we’re not that short.

Bottom half of a dog

Maybe they’re just watching for dust bunny activity. You can tell these are pictures of Daisy. I have much less undercarriage clearance.

posted by Zippy 01/10/2003 04:43 PM ^^


My folks are so dense. I’ve been earnestly trying to communicate with them all day, chatting and looking at them very expectantly, but they don’t seem to get the message. They keep asking me what I want, and, I must say, they seem very willing to guess that I’m talking about some treat, so I’ve enjoyed their attempts at placating me.

Finally, they asked “Do you want to write in your journal?” and I misunderstood because I thought they asked “Do you want to ride in the car?” I got very excited until I realized what they really said. So now I’m making this entry because I got so excited, and I’m just a little too embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t paying all that much attention.

posted by Zippy 01/05/2003 04:26 PM ^^


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