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Here is a question that I could have written: I like to get up early and play. My people need their beauty sleep. What to do?

posted by Zippy 06/26/2008 12:15 PM ^^


Our correspondent Izzy passes along this wonderful roundup of insight into the Corgi mind: The Truth About Corgis.

Just one example: “It is blatantly untrue that we will eat until we explode. Corgis have a built-in monitor to stop one bite short of explosion.”

posted by Zippy 06/20/2008 1:05 PM ^^


Well, this is very sad. Tasha Tudor has died. She wrote and illustrated delightful Corgi books (we offer some in our bookstore).

Once, our folks sent her staff a photo of me and received a lovely poster in return. I hate to admit it, but it was because they thought I was cute in my school bus Halloween costume.

Please take a look around her website and check out her books if you haven’t already. She is truly a Corgi kindred spirit.

posted by Zippy 06/19/2008 2:11 PM ^^


Daisy has learned a new trick. She can make kibble disappear. (I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Well, what kind of trick is that? Zippy can make kibble disappear, along with any other food item within dog-snatching range, and usually in one bite, plus chewing is optional!”)

Daisy’s trick is special. Somewhere in the last several months, she has decided that she no longer likes kibble. She only likes canned food. Can’t say I blame her. We get it now and then as a special thing, but normally, we just eat our regular dry food. I think it’s yummy. I think cat droppings are yummy. (Have you ever noticed—cat droppings from a litter box look just like Almond Roca®? Did you know we call that Cat Roca? Did you know this is called digressing?)

Anyhoo, Daisy knows how to go on strike. Our folks will put out her kibble. She will not eat it. She can go all day without eating it. Eventually, my folks will start worrying and, presto change-o, replace it something they know she will eat: Canned food. As much as I like canned food, I would never be able to just let the kibble—or anything so completely, so wonderfully edible—go untouched. I admire her restraint. I am in awe of how well she has trained our folks. I am impressed by her magic skills. And, oh, I am hungry.

posted by Zippy 06/05/2008 4:12 PM ^^


I see I need to do a bit of catching up. But the weather has been very cooperative for a couple of dogs who just like hanging out on the lawn, watching hummingbirds and squirrels. It’s kind of like being on vacation all the time. And who wants to write on their vacation?

posted by Zippy 06/05/2008 4:07 PM ^^


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