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I have developed a new trait. I believe it is endearing and sympathy-producing.

Whenever my folks go to put food in my bowl, I stick my face in the bowl first, so that—theoretically—I may reach my nourishment more efficiently and quickly.

You see, I am always hungry. No one ever feeds me.

(That I have contradicted myself only goes to show the effects of food-deprivation, of course.)

Anyway, putting my head into the bowl first usually causes my folks to miss the bowl entirely, and food scatters all around, so the “efficiently” part of my theory might be a tad flawed. Also, my folks do not find the mess particularly endearing or sympathy-producing.

But, personally, I do enjoy the additional game of hide-and-seek with my kibble.

posted by Zippy 1/28/2005 2:56 PM ^^


Out on our walk today, I thought I would be cute and pose by a fire hydrant. I thought it would make a good picture. So when the opportunity presented itself, I sat down next to a fire hydrant and put on my best Corgi grin.

My folks looked at me and said, “Well, why didn’t you say you were going to be so cute? We would have brought the camera.”

My folks, I am sorry to say, are dense.

Then I did something else extraordinarily cute, I rolled and wiggled in the grass and made little snuffling noises and I was just adorable.

But seeing as how there was no point in performing for the camera, there is something to be said for having fun just for fun’s sake.

posted by Zippy 1/23/2005 3:10 PM ^^


We are bored out of our little doggie skulls. It has been raining for days and when we go outside, we sink in the muck. So we don’t really want to go outside, but we don’t want to stay inside either. Normally, the deck would be a good compromise, but it is also windy, so not even that is much fun.

I guess we could trek down the driveway and see if the cows have returned.

I think the best plan of all would be to have some snacks.

posted by Zippy 1/8/2005 9:10 AM ^^


Zippy the Corgi and Daisy the Corgi-cross crashed on the rug

Lazy New Year!

posted by Zippy 1/1/2005 9:54 AM ^^


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