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Something came in the dog door the other night! At least, so say my folks, as no dogs were awake to witness such an event, much less chase off the intruder.

The story goes like this: My folks were awakened by the whap-whap sound the dog door flap makes when we come in the house. They didn’t think much of it until they realized that dog snoring was present in the room, so it couldn’t possibly have been us.

After thinking about this for a minute or two, my folks got up, stealthily tip-toed over to the dog door, found no uninvited guest, and locked the dog door shut. Being the middle of the night, and therefore in a somewhat addled state, it apparently did not occur to my folks that it was entirely possible that they had just locked the interloper in. (But cut them some slack, they are just People, after all.)

Anyway, we still don’t know what, if anything, it was. Taking inventory of the critters that surround us, we figure it could have been anything from squirrel to skunk. Wild turkeys cannot possibly be smart enough to figure out the highly technical mechanism of a dog door flap. It’s not big enough for a People, unless it’s one of the extremely youthful variety, say, toddler-size, and we like to think that was unlikely at 3am.

My best guess is it was the neighborhood wandering kitty, who must have been enticed by our yummy dog food and delectable treats, but was immediately scared off by being in the presence of the greatness of dogs. How cool! We were totally fabulous watchdogs, even while completely oblivious to what was going on.

posted by Zippy 03/05/2008 11:26 AM ^^


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