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Someone at Microsoft in New Zealand has created a desktop wallpaper with some strange-looking Corgis wearing crowns that apparently commemorated the Queen's birthday. We are sure she approves.

posted by Zippy 7/29/2005 2:40 PM ^^


Bored, bored, we are so BORED.

It is HOT, insanely HOT, impossibly HOT and we CAN’T DO ANYTHING, except for pre-dawn walks, so we are spending ALL OF OUR TIME IN THE HOUSE because it is so HOT outside and we are bored, bored, we are so BORED.

We are bored out of our LITTLE DOG SKULLS we are bored, we are SO BORED.

It is SO BORING when it is SO HOT and we stay inside where it is cool but SO BORING.

We are bored, bored, I tell you, BORED.

Hey, is that ice cream?

posted by Zippy 7/16/2005 11:28 AM ^^


The fourth paragraph of this news item makes mention of a true Corgi: One half dog, one half pig.

Myself, I ate a dead bee a couple of days ago. Protein!

posted by Zippy 7/6/2005 5:03 AM ^^


It’s getting kinda hot now.

Zippy lies on the floor in the 'flying squirrel' position

We’re just hanging around the house.

Incidentally, in case you were wondering, our floor is pine, and those dark things are knots in the wood. Really. Just knots. Do you think we would even be allowed in the house if those weren’t knots?

You know, in case you were wondering. With two dogs in the picture and all.

posted by Zippy 7/1/2005 2:20 PM ^^


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