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Correspondent Aine alerts us to this video of Elvis, a famous Corgi mathematician.

posted by Zippy 09/25/2008 2:18 PM ^^


As you are undoubtedly aware, there is no shortage of cute Corgis on the internet. But that fact isn’t helping me deal with my jealousy over all the attention Cricket is getting.

posted by Zippy 09/22/2008 4:27 PM ^^


Oh. My. Oh, my, my, my. my, wow.

It's a Corgi. It's a lobster. At the same time.

Correspondent Steve tips us off to this sad/hilarious humiliation—or crime against nature—that passes as a Halloween costume. Note the happy smile. We suspect Photoshop.

Steve also correctly points out that dressing up a Corgi as a food item just might be the worst part of this.

If you simply must have one (I could just bite you), it’s available at Target.

posted by Zippy 09/05/2008 10:10 AM ^^


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