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Oh, hello. I thought I would just drop by to be gorgeous.

posted by Zippy 4/30/2002 03:12:33 PM ^^


Daisy and I went to the vet together. We have never done that before. I have always been told that Daisy behaves perfectly at the vet, doesn’t fuss, doesn’t fight, and even lets them take her temperature. (I do fuss, I do fight and I have not had my temperature taken in a significant number of years.) I always thought that I was being fed propaganda designed to make me docile in the face of the scary vet experience, but I noticed that she was very well behaved. Now I think she was brought along to serve as a good example to me. In the end, however, I believe I did a better job of serving as a bad example to her.

P.S. It was just a checkup and we are both fine.

posted by Zippy 4/26/2002 05:44:45 PM ^^


I am shedding. I mean, I shed 24/7, but now I’m shooting out whole tufts of hair instead of one at a time. Right now, I have several tufts sticking out of my rump area, so it looks like I have a rooster tail. My folks seem compelled to pull the tufts out whenever I walk by them. The hair isn’t connected to anything, so it doesn’t hurt, but I always make a big show out of catching them in the act. Then I get a brushing, and even more hair comes out. The things a guy’s gotta do to be beautiful.

posted by Zippy 4/20/2002 08:23:51 AM ^^


My folks are so funny. They’re trying to grow a lawn again in the back yard. They do this every year. Some years it’s sod, some years it’s seed, some years it’s not even grass but some kind of little ground cover. I don’t know why they do this. They have dogs who dig, run, kick and relieve themselves. We’ll kill it by the first week in July. It’s our job. In the meantime, we’ve been amusing ourselves watching our folks go out to the back yard every few minutes to count how many seeds have sprouted. Today there’s even a slight green fuzz out there. I don’t have the heart to tell them it’s probably just some kind of fungus.

posted by Zippy 4/9/2002 09:05:52 PM ^^


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