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Ah, yes, it is very hot. But the floor tile and a bit of a twist takes care of that.

Zippy lies on his back on the floor tile

I hope we get one of those frozen treat things soon.

posted by Zippy 06/28/2003 12:29 PM ^^


The weather is hot now, and today my folks went out to buy us some of those frozen dog treats we like, the ones that are kind of like little ice cream cups but aren’t really. But none of the stores had them.

So we made our own.

Nonfat yogurt and baby food, blended and spooned into little cups to freeze.

We got to make our own flavors, so we made strawberry-apple-banana and vanilla custard for dessert flavors, and a couple of varieties of turkey for main course flavors. We also made parfaits with multiple flavors.

We were kind of impatient with the freezing process, so we found comfort in licking out the little baby food jars.

When the treats were finally ready, we took them out on the patio to enjoy. Here is a picture.

Zippy and Daisy eat frozen treats on the patio

We’d look up to say hi, but we kinda like these things.

posted by Zippy 06/17/2003 4:32 PM ^^


Hey, I just remembered. When I was I a baby puppy, I used to get a 50-cent-a-day allowance for every day that I was good. Then on the weekends, my folks would take me to the pet supply store and I could spend my accumulated sum. I could buy treats or toys or anything that caught my fancy.

But I can’t remember the last time I got an allowance.

Huh. Well, it’s probably better this way. I still get to go to the pet supply store, and my folks will buy me things.

I never really liked getting an allowance. I have no pockets.

posted by Zippy 06/07/2003 11:46 AM ^^


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