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The biggest squirrel I have ever seen just jumped from one tree to another way over in the far side of the yard. Wow. That is one big squirrel.

Normally, I get very excited about a squirrel sighting, and like to try to harass them.

I think I will leave this one alone.

Yeah. That’s a big squirrel. I am very glad it is over in the far side of the yard. You don’t think it could come over here, do you?

posted by Zippy 04/22/2004 3:33 PM ^^


Little kids petted us on the head today while we were at the park.

It’s nice to have someone new to lick once in a while.

People taste good.

posted by Zippy 04/18/2004 4:04 PM ^^


Our folks are trying to get us in shape for camping.

Camping for us means lots and lots of walks. I don’t think our folks know how to do it right.

Anyway, when we went to the park, they made us run, which is fun, but makes it hard to sniff and mark, which is one of the reasons we go to the park.

Well, it’s one of the reasons I go to the park—I have yet to see my folks sniff and mark.

posted by Zippy 04/03/2004 7:47 AM ^^


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