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Today, my folks went through a fast-food drive-through to get something to drink. The guy at the window saw us in the back of the car and gave each of us a free chicken strip! Wow! That was great!

They were kind of salty, though, so I wish our folks had thought to order drinks for us too.

posted by Zippy 4/15/2005 5:44 PM ^^


“Ninja clothing for dogs would be a fantastic idea.”

And so, some hapless Corgi is subjected to the tyranny of the costume.

posted by Zippy 4/8/2005 5:25 AM ^^


It is spring!

Zippy the Corgi and Daisy the Corgi-cross hang out in the green yard

We like spring. Lots of hanging out outside.

posted by Zippy 4/6/2005 5:07 PM ^^


What’s better than dog toast?

Zippy the Corgi runs carrying a burnt bagel in his mouth

Dog bagel!

posted by Zippy 4/1/2005 5:37 AM ^^


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