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Many have written to tell me about the Honda dog car, And, hey, there’s a Corgi in the back seat! (I wonder if the Corgi is an extra-cost option or a standard feature.)

My folks think those seats are a little light on padding, but they seem to have forgotten that the shed factor will cushion those out quite nicely.

(Thanks, Kelley, Andy and Cami, Jon, and Kathy!)

posted by Zippy 10/5/2005 2:45 PM ^^


I am trying my hand at Corgi poetry. Here are some odes to shedding.

We shed in the winter. We shed in the fall.
We shed in the kitchen, we shed in the hall.
We shed out small mountains, three stories tall.

A spectacular spring? Fur, take wing!
Fly free in summer. Allergies? Bummer!

Goodbye, hair in excess,
Drift on south to Texas.

So long, wad of white fluff,
Or maybe that was dandruff.

Wow. I am really not good at this.

posted by Zippy 10/1/2005 11:30 AM ^^


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