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I think we were recognized today! We were out on our walk, when someone in a car on the road that runs above the path honked and waved. I have a lovely vision of those people rushing home to tell their friends and family that they spotted Zippy and Daisy. The Zippy and Daisy.

I wonder if I am a celebrity. Oh, yes, I think I must be.

I do hope my fans understand, though, that I don’t do autographs while I’m eating. Which is, uh, pretty much always.

posted by Zippy 04/30/2003 4:21 PM ^^


I have milkshake stuck to the top of my head. Because our folks give us the cups when they're almost empty so we can lick out the remainder. Unfortunately, the cups are narrow, and the top of my head and the sides of my neck rub on the inside of the cup, and residue gets transferred to my fur.

When we are given the cups, I dive straight for the bottom, where the most good stuff is. Daisy begins licking at the top of the cup, so she cleans her cup better, and gets less stuff stuck to her fur. I guess there are merits to this technique, but I am somewhat of a pig, and cannot help but to go directly for the big payoff. Plus, I have never been dainty.

The one drawback to the direct method, as I mentioned, is that I now have milkshake stuck to the top of my head. And I can’t reach it to lick it off. I guess Daisy could, but that would mean she gets extra milkshake—fur-flavored though it may be—and that wouldn’t be fair.

I guess I could just pretend it’s a new hairdo. One that requires a stiff hold.

posted by Zippy 04/25/2003 5:54 AM ^^


We went to the very big park by the river. It is a very big park. We have never been able to traverse the whole thing in one day. It is very big. And we have little short legs. But whenever we go to the big park, we give it our best shot, and we walk and walk and walk. We love this.

Today we went to the beach part of the park. We got in our first swimming day of the season. We smell like wet dogs. We love this, too.

posted by Zippy 04/11/2003 6:50 PM ^^


I like to bite the leash when we go for a walk. It’s such a puppy thing to do.

I jump up and spin around and go nuts and don’t stop until I get really winded.

I know I’m not supposed to, and my folks know I’m not supposed to, but they don’t make me stop if no one else is around. I think they’re just happy that I get some extra exercise without any further effort on their part.

posted by Zippy 04/04/2003 5:34 PM ^^


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