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We went to the beach today. There were some other dogs there. There was a beautiful black Lab. Her owner was throwing a stick into the water and she would swim out to retrieve it. I was mesmerized by this, as it would never occur to me that when my folks would throw sticks in to the water when we were at the beach, I was expected to go get it. This is just not something I do.

But as I watched her, I realized I was in love. I just kept looking at her. I couldn’t stop.

Finally, she and her owner packed up and left. My heart was broken.

Oh, well. I still had a beach to sniff.

A little later, a very tiny dog came with its owners. It was yapping like mad at the waves. This is just not something I do either.

I was not in love.

posted by Zippy 06/08/2004 6:41 PM ^^


More pictures from our vacation.

An early morning walk.

As you can tell, we are walking again. This early morning stroll takes us to a little wooden path where Daisy has found something interesting to sniff. Maybe she’s tracking a bear.

Whenever we go for a walk, Daisy usually leads the way. I almost always lag way, way behind. Here is why.

Trees. Dog paradise.

I make an attempt to sniff out every previous visitor to every tree, and then make my own mark. As you can see, this can take some time.

posted by Zippy 06/06/2004 2:31 PM ^^


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